New Year, New Exhibition

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in Exhibitions

Happy New Year 2015, everyone!

The fairy dust (a.k.a. Christmas tree needles) of the holidays has settled, and I am really looking forward to new art adventures in 2015.  I am blessed to start the year as a participant in an exciting exhibition  at the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s  Affinity Gallery in Saskatoon from Jan 16-Feb 21, 2015. Our Prairie in Fibre, curated by embroiderer Monika Kinner-Whalen,  is a collection of nearly 40 pieces of prairie-inspired art by women from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It explores our personal affinity and connections to our landscape.

Represetnting abundance, sharing, nourishment, and growth.

Bounty: Representing abundance, sharing, nourishment, and growth.

I have three works in the exhibition. The first is ‘Bounty‘, a small hand-woven basket holding three felted eggs (pictured below). For me, a basket represents abundance – we must store all  we have that is above our daily needs. But this little basket is a very open weave, suggesting that abundance could be shared, and that it is impermanent — to be enjoyed while we have it. Eggs have significance too, representing on one level the physical abundance of high quality, homegrown food. On another level, they represent the cycles of life: fertility, birth and growth — the human experience.

My other two pieces in this exhibition are pure fun. ‘Mosquito Country‘ is vignette of a typical prairie slough. I stopped to photograph a lovely little spot Highway 22 in Alberta, but I was dive-bombed by mosquitoes so badly I had to run for cover. I was thankful to be a fibre artist working in the studio,  and not a plein air painter being eaten by my subject matter! My third piece, ‘Home on the Range‘, captures a moment in the life of a prairie songbird. On a barbed wire fence, he sings a sweet, joyful song. His perch is inside a wren house, often made by 4-H Club members as a fundraiser and put up by farmers who know that wrens eat many times their body weight in insects each day. His song is of abundance for everyone involved, a song of natural harmony and of mutual benefit within prairie life.

I hope that if you are in Saskatoon, you’ll take in the exhibition. It offers a wide spectrum of what fibre art can be, as well as exploring the artists connections to the land. Details here . Please let me know if you take it in. I’d love to hear what you thought of it.