A New Friend in the Studio

My new Husqvarna Platinum 16

My new Husqvarna Platinum 16

On Saturday, I purchased a new Husqvarna mid-arm sewing machine, the Platinum 16. I’ve had my eye on a mid-arm for some time, wondering if it was time to make the leap. I’ve been making pieces to show and sell for the past couple of years. Some of have been up to 5 feet high. These larger pieces were difficult to manage on my small sewing table and with my domestic machine. Since my domestic machine isn’t sunken into the table, work kept getting caught on corners.

A mid-arm with a wide table may solve those issues. A *great* mid-arm would also give me great stitch quality, fast speed, and flexibility with the wide variety of threads and fabric types I tend to use. I tend to push my materials and my machine to do things that most people might not try. I do a lot of thread sketching too, so good tension control is a must. For thread painting, I was looking for something that would handle the inevitable build-up of thread front and back, without shredding or losing tension. And last, I need a powerful machine that will sew through three fabrics and two of batting layers at once — common in my work. I’m hopeful I’ve found that machine in my Platinum 16.

Sunday was the first test-drive. Just a bit of free play to get the feel of the machine, try filling a bobbin, oiling the bobbin case, and adjusting tensions. Set-up was easy, and the stitching went well, with very few hitches or surprises. I experienced thread breakage twice, when the thread shredded as I went over areas more than once. A little lower speed and more careful sewing eliminated the problem.

My husband posted a picture of me and my new friend on our family’s ‘What’s App’ group, saying ‘Mom has a new toy’. My witty children came back with, “Oh, a Space Station”, and “Domestic version of the CanadArm?” Makes me think my new friend needs a name. Maybe ‘The Enterprise’, or ‘Galactica’?


  1. Valerie
    September 18, 2015

    Looking good! Enjoy thr new machine.

    • Judy Weiss
      September 18, 2015

      I am enjoying it lots! Stayed tuned for more posts on experiments and challenges I’m setting for myself.