Come on in! Art and Life happen here

Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Blog 1 photo 3X4 Painting refreshing

Welcome to this brand new blog! I am a visual artist, working in textiles and mixed media. Textiles– fabric and fibres– are a main element in most of my. They’re often the substrate, the layers above, and sometimes the ‘icing on the cake’. By mixed media, I mean paint, dye, crayon, pencil, graphite, art medium – whatever colouring or textural media will give me the look and feel I want in a piece of art.

As you read this blog, I hope you will share my excitement about the creative process: how inspiration strikes, how design decisions are made, how materials are used to express ideas, how images can be manipulated, and how good design develops. I’m particularly interested in the creative process. I would love to hear from readers or followers who also make art, and share the struggles and the joys of bringing ideas to life.

As an artist, I feel like I have lots to share with you: a good background in art and design through classes at the University of Alberta, and solid techniques learned in workshops with well-known quilting, surface design and fibre art teachers. A lot of my textile and fibre knowledge is also self-taught through applied reading, trial-and-error, and just plain ‘doing interesting work’. I really enjoy experimenting, and exploring new media, so I hope you will enjoy learning along with me. Your comments will create interesting dialogue, and I sincerely hope we will encourage and help each other grow. If you’re a newer artist, that’s wonderful. We can enjoy your journey together.

Life happens to artists too—it’s what spurs us to make a particular piece, what puts our own personal stamp on a subject. Life events shape the views, emotions and experiences that we express through our work. As we go along, I will share things that influence what I make. Who I am and how that affects what I do. Because I want to make real art for real people. I hope you’ll join me regularly on the journey of life in art.