Weiss Judy head shot 2013_3 X4 at 72 dpi

Judy Weiss is an award-winning mixed-media textile artist. She combines digital images, paint, fibre and stitch to produce imagery and textural surfaces that share her sense of wonder at the natural world, particularly the wide, open spaces of western Canada. She is fascinated by the relationships between the land and its inhabitants, and how each shapes the other. This is expressed in evocative landscapes; narrative fine art quilts, expressive abstract surface designs on fabric, and small sculpture. She also creates whimsical, wearable art. Her work has toured and been exhibited in Canada and internationally.

Judy started sewing when she was 11 years old, making garments and home décor items. In 2006, she took a quilted landscapes class, and discovered that her skills could be used to make art. Soon, her interest became a passion, and she enrolled in University of Alberta”s Fine Art Certificate program to study design, drawing, and painting. Over the past several years, she has evolved from an ‘art quilter’ to a ‘surface designer’, and now considers herself a mixed media textile artist.

She is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and spends part of the year in the Phoenix area in the United States.